British Values

School and the promotion of British Values

School will endeavour to promote positive British values throughout school life.

Understanding and respecting democracy, the rule of law, individual liberties within the law, and a respect for and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs will be promoted.

The School Council, assemblies, class discussions and aspects of the curriculum will all serve to promote these values.

Children will be taught that they can influence decision-making through the democratic process and they will be encouraged to take part in this. They will learn to distinguish right from wrong and learn how conflicts can be resolved through understanding the consequences of their actions.

Children will be taught to respect individual differences and understand their own and other cultures. Prejudicial and discriminatory behaviour will be challenged and not allowed.

Children will be supported to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. They will understand that they have rights, but that they also have responsibilities. Behaviour and attitudes which show a disregard for others will be challenged and not allowed.