Arrival at and departure from school 

To reduce crowding on entering and exiting: There will be a staggered start system. So families can arrive to school at the same time, they will be allocated a time to arrive at school. This will be divided by surname letters. The children will finish at a staggered time depending on the year group they are in.  

Surname  Arrival time  
M – Z  8:50am 
A-L   9:05am  


Year group   Finish time   
EYFS (Nursery & Reception)  3:00pm 
KS1 (Years 1-2)  3:00pm 
KS2 (Years 3 –6)  3:10pm 



Each group will have a separate entrance, similar to that we used before the lockdown;  

Year 2 and KS2 to enter school via the large side entrance to the playground, parents do not need to walk through the playground with their child, staff will be on the playground to supervise entry into school. Staff to be at the door waiting to welcome the children in.  

Year 1 pupils will come into school via the front gate and enter school through the P.E. hall door. 

EYFS children will be met at the gate to EYFS playground by staff; parents will not be able to come down the path to school. 


Year 2 and KS2 Parents can access the site via the side gate (after school club gate) and collect their child from outside the external classroom door. Staff will dismiss each child when they have seen their parent. Parents must ensure that they adhere to social distancing. 

Year 1 Staff to release from the P.E. hall, parents to wait on marks in the playground to ensure social distancing 

EYFS; staff to escort children and wait on the internal path to release to parents, parents to wait on the roadside path on marks made to left and right of the gates. 

Leeds Approved Calendar 2020 – 2021