Last year’s and this year’s PE and sport premium funding has been spent on a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). The MUGA was completed at the start of June 2014. It will transform the frequency of high quality PE sessions outdoors, as the field conditions can often prevent a full session from taking place. Also, we will be hiring it out to the public, which will further boost value for money, as well as benefitting the wider community.

This year, £1000 was spent on the PE Service Level Agreement, which provides high quality CPD for the PE Coordinator and in turn, to the staff.

The PE and sport grant has also contributed towards extra sports clubs such as Leeds Rhinos Rugby.

We will be further building on and monitoring the increase in participation and attainment from September 2014.

(Updated June 2014)

The school places a big emphasis on children being able to use phonics to help them read. Phonics is taught at every opportunity and children are encouraged to use phonic strategies with adults at home to help them consolidate what they have learnt in school. Adults who have attended meetings in school, to explain the phonics approach, have commented that they now have a better understanding of why we use such an approach.

The teaching of phonics is supported by the Floppy’s Phonics reading scheme, followed by the Alien Adventures and Project X series of books. A further adventure series of books, known as CODE, is also used to support additional needs and struggling readers. All play a part in embedding phonic skills and boosting the reading confidence and enjoyment of all children.

Within school we also have a broad range of modern ‘real’ books (non-scheme) to motivate all pupils and challenge those who are more able.

Our curriculum meets the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum. It is underpinned by the School’s philosophy of basing learning, where possible, on real experiences and creative activity. Here are some examples:

  • Trips to the seaside, the cinema, the Trinity Centre, a zoo, a planetarium, museums, Leeds Market, pantomimes and the Northern Contemporary Dance Group.
  • School-based events – an evening community fireworks display (photographs on the website and booking early for next year!), festival celebrations with children who celebrated Diwali (photographs on the website), Maths Puzzle days, Pudsey Bear dress-up day, World Books dress-up day, plays by the Manchester Actors Company and visitors with special skills such as dancers, musicians and a karate expert.
  • Pupil-inspired events – a ‘Space’ topic in Nursery which stemmed from one child’s remarkable ability to name all the planets, a ‘Birds’ topic following Reception children taking an avid interest in the birds outside their classroom window and ‘Time’ activities resulting from a Reception child proudly bringing a new watch to school.

We like teaching and learning to be fun and relevant. We aim to develop age-related skills and knowledge, which children can apply to everyday situations. We want children to be positive, resilient, reflective learners and the motivational ‘Building Learning Power’ initiative we use in every classroom facilitates this mindset.

Every term, each teacher distributes a curriculum newsletter.