Gallery 2016 -2017

July 2017:

Mill Field enjoyed a breakdancing assembly
that was organised by a very limber Mr Leader
who will be leaving Mill Field this summer.  Pupils
at Mill  Field’s Breakdance Club performed
with other dancers that will be providing
Breakdancing Club as of September.


July 2017:
Year 2 enjoyed creating lighthouses that
were inspired by a famous book about a
lighthouse keeper whose lunch is repeatedly
eaten by some pesky seagulls. The children focused
on strengthening the structure by experimenting
with joins. They also discussed the importance
of making the model appealing and the lever’s

July 2017:
2017 will vault into the record book
as Mill Field enjoyed a runaway success
Sports Week. The Yellow Team beat their
outstanding competitors in the other three
team. The children also participated in Cancer
Research’s Race for Life to raise money for
a very worthwhile cause. A tremendous week.

June 2017:
Year 2 really enjoy Talk for Writing.
They use pictures and actions to
help them to learn important
structures and language. Here
we made a Lighthouse Lunch recipe.
Then they wrote the instructions. Finally,
they followed them and they made some
sandwiches. Such fun!

June 2017:
Mill Field held a Teddy Bear
Picnic to raise money for St
Gemma’s Hospice. Unfortunately,
there was a rainshower shortly before
the picnic so we held it in the hall.
Check here soon to see how much
money we raised!

May 2017:
Mrs Heggie kindly bought Year 2
pupils ice-creams to reward them
for enduring a week of SATs tests.
Glorious weather for them!

May 2017:
Several hundred pounds
was raised for St Gemma’s
Hospice through contributions
for wearing purple as well
as funds generated by a
Coffee Afternoon.

April 2017:
Class 4 learned about
hygiene and food
preparation at Pizza
Express in Headingley.
It was educational
and tasty!


March 2017:
Year 2 enjoyed visiting the
beautiful woodland in the
Farnley Hall Estate in
Otley. We learned about
habitats and practised
identifying trees and


February 2017:
Each class in school enjoyed
an informative, fun and traditional
Chinese dance class to help
celebrate Chinese New Year.


February 2017: International diver
James Denny makes waves
at Mill Field.
Thank you to James and Sports For
School for a fun day including an
acrobatics filled assembly.


October 2016:

Thank you to those who donated towards

our Harvest display as we sent it all to charity.

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful assembly

too. The children sang beautifully!


September 2016:

Class 7 (formerly known as Class 4)

received a letter from Buckingham Palace

that arrived in the holidays. It was in response to

the letters that the pupils wrote to congratulate The Queen

on her birthday. It was the perfect opportunity to

showcase their spelling, punctuation and grammar