We follow the National Curriculum, so we teach number, ratio and proportion, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics.

Mathematics at Mill Field Primary School

At Mill Field Primary School, we teach our pupils with a mastery based pedagogy. This means that we work towards securing a deep and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts.

Nursery and Reception use a wide variety of apparatus and strong links to thematic work to embed mathematical concepts. Children are encouraged and supported to explore the links between concrete and visual representations.

In Key Stage 1, we use the structure of White Rose Maths to support the progression of developing Mathematical concepts. We firmly believe in the mantra of ‘Keep up, not catch up,’ so we do everything we can to secure academic progress for our pupils. We use a variety of practical apparatus and resources.

In Key Stage 2, we use ‘Assertive Mentoring’ to measure progression and to inform which skills we teach next. Also, Key Stage 2 regularly configure Mathletics to link to the current learning. KS2 use Maths Frame and Sats Bootcamp for both fluency development and for opportunities to apply their skills to solve problems. We use Mathletics regularly.

For more detailed information please download the National Curriculum

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